Moving Inland
The Scene is Set: Ubaid
The Sumerians
Eridu to Uruk
     From Horticulture to Agriculture
Wealth, Status and War
     The Goddess in Transition
Nammu: The Sumerian Great Mother
Transcendent to Anthropomorphic
The Underworld: Ereshkigal

Ongoing Research

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  The Advent of Agriculture

The First Civilization: Sumer

Review "The First Civilization: Sumer".

Sumer was in Mesopotamia, Greek for ‘Land Between Two Rivers’. It was situated in what is now Iraq, on a plain between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers.

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Sumerian tiled columns

Columns decorated by the Sumerians in a mosaic-like technique with polychrome terra-cotta cones, from Uruk, Mesopotamia, early 3rd millennium bc. They are now in the Staatliche Museen zu Berlin. This image came from the Sumer, Ancient region, Iraq page on the Encyclopaedia Britannica website. Visit the site to see more.

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