Moving Inland
Ba'al's Challenge
Obedience and Redemption
Resurrection Cycle: descent and ascent
Winners and Losers
     Birth of Christianity
Isolation and Invasion
Hellenistic influence
Two Testaments: two views

Ongoing Research

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  Patriarchal Monotheism

Codifying the ownership of property

Code of Hammurabi

"The Code of Hammurabi or Babylonian law code where 'an eye for an eye' comes from is documented on this copy of the famous stele. The original stele resides in The Louvre in Paris." This image and quote was found on the Jonesblog, Scientist, Photographer site, recording a visit to the Pergamon Museum in Berlin. Visit the blog site to see more.

Hammurabi's Code of Laws Translated by L. W. King. The entire translated Code of laws can be seen on the Exploring Ancient Wold Cultures web site. Read Hammurabi's Code of Laws